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Nutrition and Fertility Coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Virtual coaching with a Dietitian specializing in fertility to help women who need to regulate their cycles, improve their fertility, and achieve pregnancy



Chiara M. Estes, RD, LDN

Nutrition + Fertility Expert

Hi, I'm Chiara! I am a faithful Catholic, wife, mama and Registered Dietitian passionate about fertility awareness and women's health. Whether you have been trying to conceive for years, are thinking about conceiving, or you are looking to improve your fertility purely to increase your quality of life, I am happy you are here. 


Not every fertility journey is straight forward. Sometimes our body needs extra help. When I realized how often nutrition and lifestyle is overlooked as the key to giving our body what it needs, I knew that had to change. And that is where Natural Fertility Nutrition was born. 



Private Nutrition + Fertility Coaching

Restore: The Self-Paced Course



Are you thinking about trying to conceive soon, have you been trying to conceive for while with no success?


Do you struggle with PCOS and irregular ovulation, only to be told by your doctors to "just lose weight" or are unsure of which "diet" is best?

Infertility + NaProTechnology

Have you been diagnosed with infertility or secondary infertility and want to keep treatment as natural as possible?


What Clients Are Saying



"I don’t regret for a second spending money on working with a dietician. It was an investment and not only helped me achieve pregnancy, but also helped me feel less anxious and more empowered about what I could control. I’m so grateful for Chiara and all of the resources she provided me."

Katie G.

"Chiara patiently taught me about incorporating nutrient rich, delicious, foods instead of focusing solely on “cutting out the bad stuff”. She taught me how to eat to support the natural ebb and flow of a woman’s cycle. I started working with Chiara in hopes that I could improve my chances of maintaining a pregnancy. I finished working with Chiara with a newfound awareness of the body’s beautiful design and a love for nourishing my body with good and delicious foods. If you are searching for balance in your daily nutrition or desire to nourish your body in a way that supports life (yours and any future children’s), please reach out to Chiara!"

Lindsey S.


Are you ready to get started?

I have a couple options of how we can work together so you can choose the best fit for you and your fertility journey

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