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Feed Your Fertility


Do you ever feel like you are in information overwhelm when it comes to fertility diets? I get it. There is so much out there and it is hard to decipher what you actually need to know and what will actually help you and your fertility.

That's why I created this program

No more googling, no more stress, no more information overwhelm

Every class we answer the questions:

What does this mean?

Why is this important for my fertility?

What does this look like in my diet and lifestyle?

You will learn what you need to know to support fertility and conception, and we will learn it TOGETHER

what's included

9 week program

LIVE + interactive classes taught by me

Guest classes on hormones, cycle charting, and fertility fitness

Exclusive resources to support your learning

Over 100 fertility recipes to aid in your success

Access to an interactive group feed, where you will be able to share wins, ask questions, and support one another through the entirety of the program

Nine week syllabus
  1. Blood Sugar Balance and Fertility

  2. Meal Planning Made Easy

  3. Hormones and Cycle Charting with Liz, CFCP

  4. Antioxidants for Egg/Follicle Health

  5. Anti-Inflammatory Eating

  6. Feed your Gut, Feed your Fertility

  7. Fertility Fitness with Anna MS, LAT, ATC

  8. Sleep and Stress

  9. Endocrine Disrupters

What past group members are saying

"Chiara helped break down these necessary changes in to bite sized pieces. I was able to break an unhealthy cycle I’d been in with food for years! I thought the whole course was extremely helpful! Having Chiara and the other women to bounce questions off of was a great help. I changed quite a few things at once, so I’m not sure exactly what did the trick, but my hormone levels were in the best place they’ve ever been last cycle." 

— Jenna O.

"If you are confused by all the conflicting advice online I would recommend working with Chiara! She will help explain everything and help you feel confident in making healthy choices."

— Michelle B.

"Chiara is wonderful to work with; she is full of knowledge and compassion. She is great at breaking down complex topics to make them easy to manage and implement! I really liked the set up of a new topic each week - it helped to focus on one thing at a time which also helped to implement the changes/upgrades. This also allowed for plenty of opportunity for questions or clarification."

— Krista H.

$477 paid in full


2 payments of $238.50

Next group starts February 16!

Deadline to register is 2/13

What if I cannot attend live?

No problem! Live is encouraged if you can but I know realistically not everyone will be able to attend the classes live. For those who cannot attend classes live, a recording of the class will be posted to the group feed by the next morning.

I don't live in the USA, can I still join?

Absolutely! My private coaching is limited to only US residents but anyone can join the group program!

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