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Self-Paced Course

When you have trouble conceiving it's your body telling you something is wrong and that it needs help

Maybe it's PCOS

Maybe it's endometriosis

Maybe it's low progesterone

Maybe it's nutrient deficiencies

Maybe it's poor gut health

Maybe it's underlying inflammation

Maybe it's poor egg quality

Maybe it's insulin resistance 

Maybe it's a combination of many things...

Regardless of what the roots are behind your trouble conceiving, one thing is always true 

Nutrition and lifestyle changes make a HUGE impact on restoring your body to a place of health and fertility

That's why I created this course. I have taken all the principles I have taught my private clients over the years, and all the classes I taught in my group program and transformed them into the most convenient and accessible form

So that you can learn to fuel your body and live a lifestyle that helps restore your fertility anytime, anywhere

No more googling, no more stress, no more information overwhelm

Every lesson we answer the questions:

What does this mean?

Why is this important for my fertility?

What does this look like in my diet and lifestyle?

what's included

7 convenient podcast-style audio lessons

2 guest lessons from specialists

4 week fertility meal plan

Over 100 fertility packed recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sides

34 pages of downloadable resources to go with all the lessons and aide in your success

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What past clients are saying

"Chiara helped break down these necessary changes in to bite sized pieces. I was able to break an unhealthy cycle I’d been in with food for years! I thought the whole course was extremely helpful! Having Chiara and the other women to bounce questions off of was a great help. I changed quite a few things at once, so I’m not sure exactly what did the trick, but my hormone levels were in the best place they’ve ever been last cycle." 

— Jenna O.

"If you are confused by all the conflicting advice online I would recommend working with Chiara! She will help explain everything and help you feel confident in making healthy choices."

— Michelle B.

"Chiara is wonderful to work with; she is full of knowledge and compassion. She is great at breaking down complex topics to make them easy to manage and implement! I really liked the set up of a new topic each week - it helped to focus on one thing at a time which also helped to implement the changes/upgrades. This also allowed for plenty of opportunity for questions or clarification."

— Krista H.

$375 paid in full


3 payments of $125

Are you ready to get started?

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